Balayazh, flamboyage, ombre, sombre, thunder, blorange - today there is such a huge variety of techniques for complex staining that sometimes it is very difficult to figure it all out. Let's look at the most famous and try to make out, what's the difference?

Summer is coming, which means vacation is coming soon! We imagine a beautiful girl in a bikini with a perfect figure and hair fluttering in the wind with strands burnt out from the sun. This is exactly the effect that staining of a hut will be . Not for nothing that the word balayage in translation from French means "revenge". Coloring hairdresser selects strands and brightens them in several tones, thereby creating a natural effect of burnt hair. At the roots, the hair remains darker, and the playing strands look bright, but at the same time as natural as possible. Balayazh looks great both on fair hair and dark.

What is an ombre?

I do not know a person who would not hear about staining ombre. Beautiful photos of stains using the ombre technique have flooded all social networks! This is a trend that has gained popularity on the Internet, like the tsunami. The word ombre is translated from French as a shadow. And it’s not just that. The ombre effect can in some sense be called a play of shadows. The essence of the ombre is to leave a dark root and make a gradual smooth transition to light shades at the ends. That is, you can clearly see the difference between dark roots and light tips. The traditional ombre is dark roots in brown tones that turn into blond at the tips. However, today ombre can be made in absolutely any color! Ombre coloring will look great both on long hair and on a haircut, for example.

What is sombre?

Sombre is almost the same as ombre, that is, a smooth transition from dark roots to light tips. Only this transition begins much higher than in the ombre. Sombre suggests a more blurry transition from dark to light. Sombre uses a smaller variety of shades. It is this moment that makes sombra a little easier to maintain. It is believed that sombre is more suitable for blondes, and ombre looks better on dark hair.

What is a flashlight?

Flamboyage can be called a mixture of ombre techniques and balayazh. A feature of this technique is the use of sticky strips. Sticky strips stick to the strands and as much hair as they captured the master dyes using the ombre technique. This feature allows you to achieve the most natural effect. Such staining is not at all difficult to maintain subsequently. Dyed hair grows completely invisible. Gather information from this link: Balayage vs Highlights

What is blorange?

The name blorange consists of two colors, blond & orange. The technique of staining blorange is as follows: first, the hair is lightened, and then dyed in a variety of shades of red (from copper and orange to pink and reddish).

What is a thunder? 

Grombray _ is a combination of two words gray & ombre. Grombray can be explained as ombre in gray or even gray tones. For a hombre, for example, the color of concrete or dark ashen is suitable.